Saturday, January 21, 2012

My younger sister's invite and B-Day card.....

 I thought I would share the invite and B-day card I (excuse me) daughter and I made for my Younger sister...first of all my niece wanted to celebrate her mom's 50th with her(my sister's) siblings (there are 5 brothers and 5 living sisters which all are married now,
and includes inlaws and children and grandkids..yikes!!!) my niece had big ideas..and they were great ones...but you know how it is with a huge family.....time and location and mainly space is hard to do...since we all live so spread out..... she picked a restaurant and we showed fun fun!!!!    here's the invite...
and here is her B-day card that I made (and I can claim this one)

and a  pic of the gang

this is only the middle of the group (the waiter cut off the ends :( the end that I'm in..LOL)  
this is the birthday baby sis...... hard to believe how time is flying by.....

ok! ok!...I'll show you what a soon-to-be 62 year old looks like........ME
here I am with my son-in law....who I luv and is precious to we are...

so I don't look to bad........right????    LOL

Oh yeah!  did I mention that this all happen in Nov (late posting...but whats new )
so......... I guess this is called back tracking and I might as well show my Oct birthday card I made for my beautiful granddaughter...she turned 19

I think this is more then plenty to post (you think??)
anyway....until next time.......

Thursday, January 12, 2012

WOW!!! it really 2012??????

Well so much for my  so called "weekly posting" (really?)  you know these blogs, do take time and care (blah-blah-blah)  anyhoo.... going for the resolution thing (hahaha) and since I go to bed late, I thought I would actually start posting at night (we'll see) .....and show the Christmas cards I made.......(so lets see)
I did have a hard time photographing this card..the navitiviy image was cut from copper metallic paper which caused the glare and its hard to see the swiss dots on the base card...
the gift boxes were just scraps cut into different sizes using paper raffia

the two lower cards were made using the same folder one embossed  

and this one de-bossed
and I made a few gift card/money holders

these were a big hit......or was it the gift card or the money in it?????????
sooooo how was this for a post???  or this is enough for now
anyway......until next time