Saturday, January 21, 2012

My younger sister's invite and B-Day card.....

 I thought I would share the invite and B-day card I (excuse me) daughter and I made for my Younger sister...first of all my niece wanted to celebrate her mom's 50th with her(my sister's) siblings (there are 5 brothers and 5 living sisters which all are married now,
and includes inlaws and children and grandkids..yikes!!!) my niece had big ideas..and they were great ones...but you know how it is with a huge family.....time and location and mainly space is hard to do...since we all live so spread out..... she picked a restaurant and we showed fun fun!!!!    here's the invite...
and here is her B-day card that I made (and I can claim this one)

and a  pic of the gang

this is only the middle of the group (the waiter cut off the ends :( the end that I'm in..LOL)  
this is the birthday baby sis...... hard to believe how time is flying by.....

ok! ok!...I'll show you what a soon-to-be 62 year old looks like........ME
here I am with my son-in law....who I luv and is precious to we are...

so I don't look to bad........right????    LOL

Oh yeah!  did I mention that this all happen in Nov (late posting...but whats new )
so......... I guess this is called back tracking and I might as well show my Oct birthday card I made for my beautiful granddaughter...she turned 19

I think this is more then plenty to post (you think??)
anyway....until next time.......


  1. Great post. You look fabulous and have the energy of a 30 year old.

  2. Loved your photos...that cupcake card is just darling. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a sweet comment.