Saturday, September 22, 2012

Here Are A Few More Cards

That  I made while I was on a card fest...I'll show the card I made for my grandson's 4th Birthday.....he's into Thomas the Train right I made him a train card....
you may click on the pictures to enlarge

and this is the inside
 I used stickers I had in my stash...cause he is also into stickers and luvs to stick them to his why do kids like to do that??? sadly to say he tried it with Stamps....went right ahead and lick and stick right to his forehead (and did they stick!!)

I used the everyday paper dolls cart for the train and the lion's cage (is that whats it called?) the lion is a sticker too.

 The next one I put together because  I had cut them out awhile back (and didn"t do anything with them) I made the little plane a slider on ribbon and just stamped Happy Birthday

The cute plane is from the arrival
and of course the paper from the good old
stash...I have sooo much 12x12 pattern paper that I need to use up (cause you know there is always new paper line coming out)

I also made a couple of baby cards .......

 I used green for the base card, just to change from the traditional "baby colors"
Since everyone knows what they are having before the baby is born (thanks to ultrasounds) and the baby clothes are now styled in today's fashion (the kid is hip before he or she can see)

I had to do one in blue (can't get away from tradition) and it still looks cute and stylish (and of course forgot to take pics of the inside) the sentiment is a SU stamp and a cuttlebug folder (oops...forgot to write down the name)

There nicely done....still have more cards to I said before can't show them all at once (this does make me come back here and pretend I'm blogging)

Anyway......until next time..


  1. What cute cute cards for your grandson.... I love the sticker story. I used to save all of my stickers for the little granddaughter of a friend ..we would be scrapbooking and all of a sudden here came Casadei, with sticker from the top of her forehead down to every part that showed. Kids are so precious.
    Love your cards.

  2. Those baby cards are cute! It's been a week- post again. and why don't you show your early Christmas present I like to be a big shot too, ya know!

  3. These cards are so cute! You gave me so many ideas for cards for my little grandsons. Thanks!