Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Entering the Blogger World!!!!

Well I have now combined my world into the bloggers world.  Here I sit (in the dark I must add) reading my Email.....Going buggy to be exact and she has on her blog "create a blog" so what do I do??? Thats right ... clicked on it and here I am.....Do check her out   Going (she has a party going on!!!)

Give a granny (which my son calls me) a laptop and let her venture out in the cyber world and trouble has began......

So, as you can see this is totally new to me and must learn how to interwine my blog world with my cardmaking world, which will have to be another day because I'm not home right now (and wait til my daughter finds out what I did, not to mention my hubby too...OH BOY)
I'm busy playing the grandma roll (and luving it I must add) which I better get to bed.... cause  these little guys are early risers (did I mention the time....6:00am)
sooo...... good nite for now

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