Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Had some spare Time.....

Watching  my precious sweeties again :) (that makes grandma... soooo happy)..and bed time has come around....8:00pm is late for them (did I mention their ages?? 2 and a 7mos old..Boy does granny need her Gerotal!) and of course that is way too early for me (since you can see what time I do my posting)...... Well, I'm still trying to figure out how do I get into my blog without going into someone 's blog first???? then click on sign in (jump in anytime)....
anyway.....back to the drawing board ( or should I say...back to the instructions)
until then....

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  1. hey cardchickie :) thanks for stopping by my blog :) at first the blog stuff can be intimidating but in a short time you get the hang of it and like everything else you
    do on a regular basis it all becomes second nature
    to get to your own blog just add it to your favorite places or bookmark it or if you know how to create a shortcut ( ha! ive forgotten how to do that) on your desktop you can

    do that. then just click on that icon you will go right to your blog sign in page. if you need help posting pics..email me at branmuffinsmom@yahoo.com ill help as best i can in written word. i promise its easier than it seems :) looking forward to seeing your creations :) hugs, shelly