Friday, February 4, 2011

OOOh My Goodness!!!!

Are we seriously in February already?? (isn't that the silliest question we always ask?) It will be my beautiful daughter's B-Day this Sunday....but she will be catering to her boys (hubby and son..of course) cause its Superbowl time......

Did you see I have one follower (sitting here..saying "how sweet Shelly is") she makes the most beautiful cards...(I'll come back and post her blog)
I was looking at BBTB (Bitten By The Bug) and Shelly had posted her card....and it happen to be kind of same design as mine :) just different color scheme and it surprised me...(now if I could only get the hang of posting my cards???????  BUT I will...just wait and see (but don't hold your breath)
Anyway....until then....

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  1. you are a silly little bird. but very lovable and a good grandma :)