Monday, April 7, 2014

Hello Blog World

Wow!!!  2013 was a real test for our family.....without sharing our tearful events.... Happy... did I say Happy???    Thrilled!!   Ecstatic!!! to say the least...we have reach the end of the dark tunnel.. There will be a long process.. but its the first year that is the toughest.  The ending week of April will be year 1.  So prayers are still requested. Just to add to the events.. my Mother passed away(in the beginning of 2o14) two days before my birthday in February...she was 91 and did see progressive changes in the world, she still had her full memory which was fabulous... So again a slow beginning of the new year.

Oh! did I mention my laptop (again!!)  well it seems Microsoft has put XP out to pasture and will no longer support it :(  so now I have to go look for a new one.....bummer (do you think they got tired of me dropping my laptop?? (just 3 times too many...that's all??) I'm on our desk computer right now ... But just take a wild guess what it is.....right XP!! their memory will be wiped out and I'll use them just to watch movies and listen my music!
I am slowly getting back in my craft room....Hubby made a center counter with storage  for me, now my sewing machine has a home and not stored on a shelf collecting dust I must add.. and I have more room to work on...

I just wanted you to know, I'm still here and still trying to keep up this blog (ugh!)

Anyway.....until next time 


  1. Sorry that you had such a rough year. I want to apologize. Quite a while ago, I tried to go to your blog and didn't find one. Today I tried again, and I found your blog! I tried to email you but I don't have the correct something that will get me to your email addy so I posted here. I love your cards! I will keep trying to find your email. I wanted to thank you for all of the wonderful posts you have made on my blog. I truly do appreciate them.

  2. I totally understand how you could have a bad year! Bad things seem to come in groups, don't they? I will keep you in my prayers dear friend! I wanted to let you know, I appreciate your kind words & support on my blog. I did put my response on my blog to your comment. I don't want to muck up your blog with all this, but I do want to tell you I am VERY APPRECIATIVE of your kind words! I am a new "follower!" :)

  3. Hello there! I see that you're not really a regular poster with your blog! I am a friend of Becky's over at TLady. I just wanted to come meet the woman who leaves such great comments on her blog. I appreciate what you have to say! Thank you and have a great weekend! :o)

  4. Hi there I just wanted to thank you fir your kind encouragement on Bizzy Becs blog and join your blog even though you have not posted for a while. Sending prayers your way fir blessing in your day,
    Shaz in Oz.x

  5. Hello friend! <3 I have missed you. So good to "hear" from you.